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Leaner project services for marginal developments and small scale surface projects

              In the O&G upstream industry, common practice for sizeable surface facilities projects is quite established. Time-line of a project is usually divided into basic engineering, detailed engineering and construction/installation, with a reduced overlap between detailed engineering and construction. Engineering companies play a central role : beyond engineering services, they may also provide purchasing services, supervision services, commissioning services. In the execution phase, prime contractors play the main role, with their own layer of engineering, dedicated to construction and installation.
              Because engineering companies and large contractors can provide a very large range of competencies, this model has proved its efficiency for large and complex projects, where division in packages and phases is mandatory to structure the project.

               However, this model has its drawbacks : because there are a number of organizations involved, coordination has a non-negligible cost. Some specifics like installation phases, local procurement, logistic issues are often somewhat neglected by project management in the first days of a project. Also, as the global picture of the project is (too) remote, people tend to be less involved.
               Many companies also have in their portfolios smaller projects, of low complexity, involving only well-known techniques, which cannot afford the overhead of the model described here-above. One-well tie-backs, short pipelines or small marine structures in less than 40  m water depth, extra-separator or compressor, replacement of a key equipment item by a new or larger one, small power plant, de-bottlenecking, DCS or scada change-out, etc. Their technical success and financial viability depend upon quick execution, very good coordination between all players, consideration given from day one to installation, commissioning, all local aspects, etc...
               For such small size and low complexity projects, another model is possible, where the central role is played by the project manager. He needs to be hands-on, as he will take care of some details by himself, with field experience that encompasses process, structure, installation methods, instrumentation. He must be committed to the project from day one down to transfer to operation staff. The idea is that, in addition to being the PM for the company, he takes over the roles of PM of engineering and of contractor(s).

               Zvinax ingénierie, based in Paris, is committed to offer such “lean” project services to the O&G companies.

               Scope of intervention

               The project services that Zvinax ingénierie proposes aim at executing small size projects, from basic engineering to completion, i.e. successful transfer to operators. The project manager in charge will remain the same during all project life. According to the project specifics, he will gather a reduced core team at the beginning of the project, which will follow the project to the end. Much emphasis will be put by the team on a good understanding of the execution context (site, local contractors, etc.), as we strongly believe that taking into consideration all local aspects right from start is key to smooth execution. For specific or short duration tasks, like process simulation, electrical calculations, etc... the project manager will get resources from wherever is convenient : within its own structure, in engineering companies, among consultants.

               What the team would typically take care of :                This list can be tailored on a case by case basis, to accommodate client's requirements. In any case, for each project, a scope of work, together with target budget and planning will be agreed with client at start.

               It is of first importance to stress that leaner project services don't imply, by any means, compromise on HSE or downgrade of quality. The project team will be committed to comply with client's HSE guidances and common industry practices. Standard reviews such as hazops, hazids, etc. will be conducted when requested by client and/or as per common industry practice.

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